Mobile Website Of The Week: Kirby Shedd Designs

Mobile Website Of The Week: Kirby Shedd Designs

Author | Meg Hughes of

We like it because

It’s like no other! Unlike most sites, Kirby doesn’t rely on much contextual or structural pizzaz, but graphics instead. The simple layout and color scheme of the mobile site let the images do all the talking. The unique graphics easily become the centerpiece of Kirby’s site and perfectly showcase his digital marketing talent.

Mobile-friendly features

Kirby sticks to the essentials. Click-to-Call and Email Us are most important to his business, so he is sure to make them readily available. More detailed information, like the address, can be found in the Contact page under the drop down menu. Having the menu and subpages hidden makes the site look clean, with nothing to distract from the image.

Quick thoughts

Kirby’s business is heavily focused on images and design. The great thing about his site is that it acts as a frame, holding and highlighting his work, letting you experience it much like you would a family portrait. You can look at the work without much context and appreciate what’s inside. Thinking of your mobile site as picture frame is a great tactic for image-heavy businesses, like art galleries and photographers. Thanks for sharing Kirby Shedd Designs, we love your mobile site!

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