Your Brand Isn’t What You Say It Is

Your Brand Isn’t What You Say It Is

What Is Your Brand?

There are different definitions that describe what a brand is, but this is the one I’ve always liked the most: “Your brand isn’t what you say it is, but rather what your others say it is.”

Let me give you an example. Let’s say I walk around town and tell everyone I meet how awesome I am. I mean, what if I literally said to people, “Hey, I’m Kirby Shedd and I am AWESOME!” “It’s amazing how great I am!” “You know, I was sitting around the other day thinking about how fantastic I am…” What would you think? Would you think I’m awesome, great or fantastic? Probably not. You would, most likely, choose other, less flattering words to describe me. It doesn’t matter what I say about myself, it only matters how you perceive me. That’s my brand.

So Who Controls Your Brand?

Well, YOU control your brand. By understanding that every interaction someone has with you or your company is a direct reflection of your brand, you begin to see how important it is to make sure your actions reflect the impression (or brand) you want others to have of you. In other words, if your actions are consistent with your words (or message), you have a much greater chance of developing the brand you want.